About M2Ourfali :

The head of the company Mr. Marwan Ourfahli started construction career with his partners since 1966 in a nine floors building was his start up in kozbari bostan in Tejara number 3684.

In 1970th  a series of seven floor buildings number 18-56-76-74 then 11th floor in the same area of Adawi which was sold with all its floor to the Syrian oil Ministry.


In 1990th we shift to one of the valuable area named Kafarsoseh a new regulated area by the mayor of Damascus.

There are several seven floor buildings and in parallel several twelve floor Buildings.

In the coming 2002 we took a seven floor building in Kafarsoseh but this was our start up as a company , and our future projects are coming soon with nine floor building also in Kafarsoseh.

In 1980th Also a series of buildings in Maraweh, Mezzah the buildings number are 5-7-8 they were 10 floors each in the Motorway of Mezzah called Maraweh in the same time a two villat in eastern Mezzah were built.  

Our mission is to beautify the earth with our innovated designs, and combine the elegance with the sense of duty since we started to launch ceramic in our buildings surface with elegance look.

And our company is ready for all join ventures or construction cooperation , since our history in real estate developing witnessed extensive accuracy accompanied with world safety standards which now Syria is very poor in such safety.